I wanna see your kitty*

dear friends,

first, the vitriol. having once been a slave at one of the smaller circles of hell, aka an upper east side establishment that a) catered to the rich & sometimes famous & b) shall remain nameless, I had the opportunity to assist james lipton on several occasions. he was exactly as you'd expect if you've ever been sucked into watching the fatuous & fawning inside the actor's studio. pretty f'in' dire folks.

anywho, back in the day, one of his lesser offenses was "name repeating". I refer to people who practice this as, quite logically, "name repeaters" (NR). NRs once read a book (about "getting to yes" or something that was supposed to make them seem like other human beings and not the soul sucking truffle eaters that they really are) which stated that if you call someone by their name in conversation, it creates a subconscious bond. hmmmm. while that may have some level of truth, especially if you're a narcissistic sociopath & need to be reminded that there are other human beings out there, usually just saying that name ONCE does the trick. otherwise you wind up having a conversation like this:

"oh thank you so much JANE, I really appreciate this JANE. one more thing JANE, do you think I can get this sent over immediately? oh. JANE. that's a pity. JANE, do you think you walk it over, JANE it's really quite a short walk...but JANE. no? (sudden change from soft, persuasive tones to chilling menace - this guy knows how to go after his objective!) do you you know who I am? this is for a very important show. JANE, a very important show. I'm very disappointed JANE. I thought you could help me." etc...

nevertheless, I may have to cut ole jimmy some slack, because this is hilarious.

see, there was some music content, after all. well...maybe not.

love, d

* sadly, his recitation does not include this line & the, uh, couplet it belongs to. for further fun, go find the rest of the lyrics.


Blogger Tavie said...

Oh, HA HA! NAME REPEATERS! That's what they're called!

Dippity Doos = Name Repeaters!

10:29 PM, February 01, 2006  

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