So I was anticipating the release of their new album "Road to Rouen" for quite a while, and I bought it as soon as it came out as I've done with their last couple of albums.
D finally admitted that she's always found Supergrass's albums boring, though she admits they have some amazing songs. If you're not someone who's obsessed with guitar tone, I can see where their album tracks' mathematical repetition of riffs can be boring. But to me this is the band that is the perfect mix between The Beatles and punk.
Anyway, I listened to the new one and thought, "it's OK, but it must be one of those albums that takes a while to sink in." Two weeks later, it hasn't sunk in yet... and I don't think it ever will. Is it bad? No, it sounds a lot like their other records, but it uses the same formulas of sound without much added excitement. I wouldn't call it a flop, but I also wouldn't recommend it. Maybe my expectations were just too high since their last release(Life On Other Planets) was so amazing but I just don't hear any amazing songs I can play for D on this one. If you want to hear some of their really great songs try these:

"Richard III" (from In It For The Money)- according to Gaz, this is the best song he's written and I agree.

"What Went Wrong(In Your Head)" (from Self-titled)- hypnotically catchy, it boils up to a screaming chorus.

"Evening of the Day" (from Life on Other Planets)- doesn't sound as poppy as the other 2, but has a nice slow groove that everyone can appreciate.

They're still touring, so if you get a chance to see them live, do it!


Blogger d said...

I'd add "late in the day" to that. that's a great song, elegaic in a rustic, country road way with a biscuit & a cuppa coming to you at the end.

& I'll always have a soft spot for "caught by the fuzz". I was really pleased that when we saw them they did the acoustic version of it. I think I like that version the best.

2:55 PM, October 16, 2005  
Blogger Kirsten said...

Hey yo hey, Supergrass!

Hmm...an acoustic version of "Caught by the Fuzz" you say? I must find this.

I always liked "Mansize Rooster"? It's zany and I have bounced like a moron to it.

But I do not know much about Supergrass beyond those two and that "Pumping on your Stereo" song which didn't really grab me. I'll check out your recs tho? They tend to be good.

9:23 PM, October 19, 2005  

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