A guilt trip from your Jewish mother

I have lost interest in music. Every blessed song on my iPod bores me. I need something new. I never feel this way, so: seize the opportunity-- if you could pick ONE album in your whole collection to lift me out of this musical malaise, what would it be?

(Forget my musical taste for now, I only listen to Aimee Mann and showtunes*, why do you think I'm so bored?)

I hereby swear I will buy, borrow, beg, steal, or illegally download** your choice and give it a fair chance, which I almost never do with music that I'm unfamiliar with. (Yeah, I know, what am I doing on this blog again? I'm scared of D, that's what I'm doing here.)

I'm practically a blank slate, and very open minded, so chances are I haven't heard your recommendation (no really, ask anyone), and that I have the capacity to enjoy it.

Also, feel free to ignore me. I'll go listen to the Spelling Bee OCR, or Apple Venus Vol I again. Until I die of boredom.

I'll just sit here in the dark.

*This is not actually true, but my sister insists that it is.

**Probably that last one. I be po'.


Blogger Phil said...

I feel like it's important to conform to the suggest ONE album, since otherwise this is going to devolve into a bunch of record collectors offering their list of 50 must-have albums.

But I just can't do it - I can't just give you ONE album to salvage your faith in music. So I'll give you three. If this thread devolves into the Pitchfork top 100, you'll have me to blame. Here we go:

1. The Beauty Pill - "You Are Right to Be Afraid". This is actually an EP, but it features the band's two best songs of all time "Yes, Yes You" and "Quote Devout Unquote". Post-pop, post-punk, whatever. This shit is catchy like herpes and will burn you twice as bad.

2. Fancie - "A Negative Capability". Off of Hush Records, this is my vote for best female singer-songwriter album of the past decade (I might have to revise this evaluation after I finally hear a while Diane Cluck album), anyway it's certainly the most haunting. You could maybe call this anti-folk, or somthing.

3. Bogdan Raczynski - "Samurai Math Beats". Just to take things in an entirely different direction, I highly suggest the sophmore album from this Rephlex drumnbass all-star. It's like what would happen if a toddler somehow developed a mastery of audio editing software. If you're a total outsider to techno, I wouldn't necessarily suggest this album as an entry point, but then again, I might.

12:57 PM, October 11, 2005  
Blogger d said...

I love that fearing me makes people DO things, I would think it would make them run away & pretend to be a tree instead much like the squirrel in my front lawn this morning.

I'll give you a list tavicubus. give me a day or so... or I'll post about one.

1:09 PM, October 11, 2005  
Blogger Jeremy said...

To restore your faith in music, I'd probably have to suggest OK Computer by Radiohead (assuming you've never heard it).. but of course I'd be happy to load up your ipod with assorted stuff.

9:22 PM, October 11, 2005  
Blogger Kirsten said...

You listen to more stuff than me? Damned if I know who XTC, Guster, Elliot Smith, Loud Family, Belle&Sebastian, and Elvis Costello are. ^^

Getting you to listen to anything "new" is an exercise in futility for me because "new" does not translate to "bilingual". Although maybe you would like Quruli or Hirakawachi Iichome if you gave them a chance?

9:42 PM, October 11, 2005  
Blogger Tavie said...

I don't listen to Guster. That one song from that one album has a very specific place Goil History. That doesn't mean I listen to Guster.

I am intrigued by the suggestions so far. I like the suggestion of an EP because it's easy to give something so short a good fair chance, and if that can grab me, then I'll want more.

I await the list from D although I fear I will get lost in her lovely prose and not be able to pick one, driving me back to more manageable suggestions, like J's. (Plus, I don't know any Radiohead and have been told by others that I would enjoy them. In fact I had a poll on my blog once: "Would I like Radiohead?" The consensus was that I would, but I never did go exploring. Yet.

K, I'm not opposed to bilingual, but at least start with a romance language first. Latin music, maybe?

Keep going, I'm getting intrigued and opening Limewire...

10:48 PM, October 11, 2005  
Blogger Kirsten said...

How should I know what is and what isn't goil fodder? All I saw was an empty CD case. =PPPP

There's a Frou Frou song that has random Japanese in it? "Close Up"?

And if D doesn't reccomend Regina Spektor to you, than I will?

2:21 AM, October 12, 2005  
Blogger tina said...

It all depends on what's on your ipod. I recommend Yo La Tengo for rainy/moody days. Brendan Bensom for some yummy pop and Sleater-Kinney's latest album "The Woods" gets me groovin in my subway seat.

3:25 PM, October 12, 2005  
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