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dear friends,

the monkey posted his "songs that give you chills" playlist. as he explained below, it was a nice vacation idea & in a couple of weeks we're gonna have to do it again, so please write in any song recommendations for me to investigate...

DISCLAIMER #1: like everything that's suggested to me, I tend to start dreaming like I have stars in my eyes & before you know it, a little playlist project has become an unruly weeklong medley of tunes. so following j's example, I'll stick to 15.

yeah, my full list is too long to print here. my apologies. I am unduly enthusiastic which is why you'll often find me smiling to myself with an alarming shark-like grin.

DISCLAIMER #2: I told j that I'd put songs that were not remotely obscure. so again my apologies, most of you will be very overly familiar with a few o' these tunes. don't "duh" me.

1. good vibrations - the beach boys

I never tire of this song. ever. the way it begins. the way it builds. the way the cellos attack! the theremin solo! being one of those people who naturally anthropomorphize everything (which is perhaps why I'm so fond of furniture with feet. & tubs with feet.) I always liked to imagine the theremin as a very solemn operatically trained woman, stepping up to the mic & letting loose! that would be my rock fantasia segment anyway.

2. a day in the life - the beatles

I was a little kid when I first heard it & it certainly had that wind coming out of the speakers & blowing on my face effect. I can't ever tire of it. not even when I worked at a video store & we had a classic rock station playing all manners of crap 5 billion times a day. I love songs as collages & as neatly stitched together as this song may be, that's what it is to me. unfortunately, my favorite part, besides lennon's deliciously spacey vocal contribution, would be impossible & impractical to describe, all I'll say is that it's when I pretend I'm a conductor majestically bringing the orchestra down - BAH! BAH-BAH! BA' BOMMM! "I heard the news..." if you even know what I'm talking about, I love you.

3. interlude (ceremony of carols) - benjamin britten

this instrumental harp interlude sounds like a cold night when you're trying to get home & it starts to snow softly & for whatever reason, maybe it's the first snow of the year or you just had a decent day, the sight of it fills you with elation so you start to run through the white, laughing your way down the street.

4. let's take a trip together - morphine

foggy & slow, this tune creates a world around you, where you'll probably nod yes to anything that's asked of you.

5. you made me realize - my bloody valentine

an unusual chills choice in that the chills comes from a different place. in this song, when hard & fast gives way to noise & noise & more noise & then goes back, I feel a crazy headrush. to me this is the song I want played when I ride the siberian express at coney island. ok, we're going backwards! now scream! AAAAAH!

6. road - nick drake

I never knew what nick drake was singin on this one. I thought he was talking about country road short cuts. no matter, I picture the dark undersides of rustling roadside trees. I'm gonna have to engineer this snapshot for myself. I'll need a car (nothing fancy), a driver, an english country road. oh, contributor james?

7. he needs me - nina simone

as a rule, I'm not crazy about masochistic jazz standards but the first time I heard this I was hushed. simone's crazy wine dark vibrato (which tells you everything that she must be as a woman: strong, passionate maybe crazy) tells a short story of unquestioning love from someone who feels tiny & inconsequential next to the object of their devotion. but only just. they're not entirely unaware of their role in things.

8. grounded - pavement

while there are a few other songs of theirs that give me the chills (the hexx especially) this one makes me go into a dreamy state. I always get the same complex story, a sad one about accidents on icy roads, lost siblings & regret.

9. sorted for e's & wizz - pulp

this song is so close to how I felt when I was in & out of college & totally disconnected from the social scene I was in. I'm so uncool! everyone's so skinny & on drugs! I don't belong here! AAAH! so when jarvis sings "just keep on moving", I do & feel much better for the memories.

10. pyramid song - radiohead

see j's post.

11. marconi's radio - the secret machines

a long, long build-up leading to a mystery. a song that definitely rewards repeated listens even though I'm still not quite sure what the story is. I just think that this is the sound of lying in bed, trying to sleep, slowly realizing something important about yourself & your place in the world & trying to take that with you as you finally drift off.

12. the great valerio - richard & linda thompson

creepy, crawly allegory. stern vocal. gorgeous guitar.

13. sunday morning - the velvet underground

like a pink plastic ballerina in a music box, turning.

14. sunny afternoon - the kinks

I've always wanted to use this song in a genteel horror movie. it sounds like drunken lethargy about to go very bad indeed. I think it's all those "ooooohs".

an amazing number even if you think it sounds like a perfectly nice summer song.

15. fearless - pink floyd

many reasons. the way the guitars sound like water. the sense that it goes on & on. the you'll never walk alone chant at the end. a nod of recognition on the other side of a room. buying the cd after hearing a band covering it the night before. yeah.

love, d


Anonymous mike said...

amen on the pyramid song - actually the entire kid a and amnesiac albums do it for me.

2:02 PM, June 14, 2005  
Blogger d said...

yeah, kid a is beautiful. everything in its..., how to disappear..., morning bell are all right up there on the chill inducing front. some people really loathe that album & I've never understood why. as far as left turns go, it's not THAT crazy.

2:49 PM, June 14, 2005  
Blogger jLo said...

Yeah, there's a lot of Pulp songs that give me the chills. Jarvis is genius.

3:12 PM, June 14, 2005  
Blogger Marta said...

clap clap on the "Good Vibrations" mention.. one of the only things that still makes me giddy on these pukey summer days. have you heard the Beach Boys lost sessions? on this track you hear the engineer guy or in my fantasy Brian Wilson cueing the fender bass, cello, then theremin to play their tracks. yummy as a bowl of sherbert i tell ya :)

4:02 PM, June 14, 2005  
Blogger d said...

no, I haven't heard that... I smell a mix, martita!

4:16 PM, June 14, 2005  
Blogger george said...

good call on Morphine. many of their songs are chill-inducing. and i concur about kid a. i always remember jess and i rushing to her old jersey city apartment to listen to an advance copy the night before it came out. we just curled up in her room and put it on repeat. must've litened to it at least 4 times that first night.
it was the infancy of our relationship and perhaps the first album we fell in love with together. (awww...don't that make you wanna retch?)

9:35 PM, June 14, 2005  
Blogger Mike said...

Funny thing is that I don't like any other Radiohead! I tried OK Computer and Hail to The Thief, and neither of them do for me what Kid A does. Ditto seeing them live a couple of years ago.

10:06 PM, June 14, 2005  
Blogger d said...

ah george, there'll be no retching here. I love the way music can put a claim on a relationship in a gentle, white gloved way. that's a good post or playlist idea...hmmm.

10:35 AM, June 15, 2005  
Blogger Tavie said...

"A Day in the Life" freaks me out. It actually scares me. I was home alone listening to it once and the LOUD SCARY PART came on and the stereo was all the way across the room so I had to hide under the covers with my hands over my ears.

It scares me.

That reminds me of a DIFFERENT kind of list...

11:12 PM, June 15, 2005  
Blogger d said...

try & imagine the loud scary part as one of those tv montage pieces where they show bits from past episodes & it keeps speeding up until it becomes seconds of images, blurry & exciting. they used that on the last wb buffy.

well, my total nerd-dom aside, I find that will probably make the tune less frightening than, you know, thinking big scary orchestra of DEATH song! or the music that underscored joe orton's murder at the hands of his lover kenneth. I think that getting hammered to death whilst that plays in the background is up there in the list of terrifying ways to go. wait. am I making it worse? sorry. it's never been proven that it was actually on when he did it.

10:16 AM, June 16, 2005  
Blogger Tavie said...

I'm learning so much from you.

But I'm still scared.

(Last WB episode of Buffy, featuring Musical Theatre's Joel Grey!)

10:08 AM, June 21, 2005  
Blogger d said...

& yet oddly, he wasn't in their musical episode. hmmm?

I think you need to write another musicals post.

10:56 AM, June 21, 2005  
Blogger Tavie said...

You MUST know that the musicals episode was my "entry" episode... that's how they hooked me in, by showing me that first.

Maybe that's a soundtrack I need to write about...

10:08 AM, June 25, 2005  

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