Your secret's out now, your secret's out now

Dear friends,

I swear it isn't a subconscious nod to the equine artwork for their upcoming record but when I hear Pinkies by The Big Sleep all I can think of is running horses. It's the cantering, celtic-style guitar riff that repeats throughout. It goes up and down and forwards somehow; a living carousel in a verdant field.

Not that the song is grandiose, it's fairly simple. The verses are sung by a man who sounds like he's shouting out at you across a great distance, the chorus that guitar line. Then it repeats. There's some respite from the repetition when a second guitar joins the fray, providing a steadily rising soprano counterpoint. What's being said here? The far-away man shouts "I know that you waited for this..." but doesn't provide an answer. He closes with an "Ah..." or "I..." Either way, it's a mystery, an unfinished thought. What? What am I waiting for? Curses! So you press repeat again and try to figure it out.

Pinkies/The Big Sleep (mp3)

photo by Ofer Wolberger

Sleep Forever by The Big Sleep comes out on February 19th on Frenchkiss Records.

Love, D

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