As the days go by I wait

Dear friends,

There are TV rumors of snowfall, the suggestion of advancing snowflakes. I can't wait to hear the oh so satisfying crunch of freshly fallen snow under my feet and see the city blanketed in white. The morning after it hits, I will take a stroll and listen to this song before the sleet turns it all into slush.

Song to seek:

Feels Like I'm Walking/Huma (mp3)

They also do dishes.

Huma is a three piece from New Jersey that traffics in warm, charmingly homemade electronic/acoustic indie pop. Vocalists Brian and Jess have gentle, almost unassuming, voices yet on tracks like Feels Like I'm Walking that delivery achieves a stately grace. There's depth and yearning to their quiet interplay. Sadness too, since they don't sound like they are singing to each other or even with each other; they seem completely alone. I imagine the pair in this song playing Echo and Narcissus in a lost Cocteau film. He can't hear her, he's too wrapped up in himself and all she can do is follow behind, shadowing him, lost in her daydreaming.

Buy We Are Here For You by Huma

Huma plays with The Paper Chase at Maxwell's on March 19th. Befriend them on My Space.

Love, D

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