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Dear friends,

Special shout-out to Contributor Jeremiah and Contributor Jenny P, whose song recommendations are on my May, part I mix cd (for unknown reasons, possibly the sheer amount of music, my ipod, Little Monkey Jr, is in a coma. I hope that it wakes up eventually to reveal something important just in time for sweeps but until then, I will have to make do with a stack of blank cds Sharpied with the month of provenance. *soft sobbing is heard*.)

The recommended songs, The Chauffeur by Duran Duran and 1985 by The French Kicks, make surprisingly good bedfellows. The former, a steady beat dotted with adenoidal Le Bon's usual Euro-trash observations; the track's general emptiness goes a long way to establish mood. Something like a nightime spy scene. The latter is like the aural equivalent of a party in a downtown NYC loft in the mid-80's where all of a sudden you see your fellow partiers a little too clearly. And they're all gabby coked up-monsters so obvs you need to leave. But first you'll finish your drink and hear the rest of the song playing as you slowly inch your way over to the door.

2. In link related matters, for a non-rabid, level-headed take on coachella, head your way over to Contributor Liz's The People's Dance Party and take a look at Michael Cameron's piece. As a devotee of British elevator music, I appreciate his bit on Keane's set.

3. For a non-rabid, and decidedly more truthful letter than anything Britney Spears could dream of mustering, go to Contributor Mike's blog and follow the link to Alan Sparhawk's apology for Low's recent tour cancellation.

Contributor Caryn writes about her May 4th The Decemberists live experience and about a NY Times' anti-intellectual rock pronouncement directed at those kids on her gig review site, More in the Monitor. While she and I differ in opinion about the NYT (since I don't read that particular paper for the music reviews and she does, I have no beef with it for their music related articles. To me, they are the metaphorical equivalent of a well-dressed person at a gallery opening talking too loudly at the wine and cheese table. You can't help but hear them but are far too busy trying to stuff yourself with crudites to challenge their prattle but somewhere in your heart, you know you don't really want to be introduced. You can't take them seriously. It might get ugly.), this is not about that but about the response she got from one of her readers, which was snark dressed up as white gloved comment insinuating that her argument was simply whitey elitism. Hmmmm...

Personally, when I hear a song that features a man singing a complicated revenge tale from the belly of a whale, like the hilarious and thoroughly enjoyable The Mariner's Revenge Song, I LAUGH. Why? Because Victorian drama as album cut is amusing and certainly non-alienating to anyone with an imagination to go with their sounds. That certainly doesn't translate as white people music to me. Sorry. Us non-Caucasians can read and stuff too. But maybe I'm responding in just as rash a manner, so go to the site and read the comments exchange for yourself.

3. Riddle me this: what Peaches song does Leslie Feist sing on? Where can I find the song call Tatty by Britpop, girl-fronted almost-rans, Sleeper? Whatever happened to Michelle Shocked? Does anyone remember a song called German Kid, this novelty rap song by Dee Dee Ramone? What in the heck is Ashe Bowie of Polvo and Helium fame doing nowadays? Help!*

4. A long time ago, I had to go the circus as part of a school assignment. I went with my friend Kelly, who was famous for her terrifyingly embarrassing public behavior. Sometime during the endless presentation, the ringmaster happily announced that after the show, Shannon would be performing! Shannon? Get the heck out! I was way too excited. For me Shannon was an example of the better sort of popular dance pop of its day. But it couldn't be. Not shannon!

At the close of the circus, a small woman came out and stood center stage wearing a banana yellow bolero jacket, enthusiastically doing the snake to a prerecorded track as tractors drove around her picking up elephant and tiger crap. Kelly was shocked into comportment. Whereas I did the mini running man in the stalls. How could I deny the powerful pull of Give Me Tonight and Let The Music Play? Crank it!

5. In other dance related nostalgia news, I can think of no dancefloor moment quite as satisfying as m/a/r/r/s' Pump Up The Volume when the guy goes "put the needle on the record/put the needle on the record/put the needle on the record/when the drumbeat goes like THIS" BOOM, BOOM, followed by a sped up and squirrely Ofra Haza vocalization. It makes you wish for your own piece of cardboard to throw down and bust a move on.

6. Since American PR for the new wave of British acts handily creates more backlash than interest, I decided to stop reading those articles cum adverts for my sanity. Perhaps this is why I have no beef with The Kaiser Chiefs. I Predict A Riot seemed a tad pedestrian to me. The approaching riot of the title sounded bloodless and non-threatening; hipsters gettin' rowdy. Oooh. Better grab your culottes. The Modern Way, however, is great; a retro curve ball with a question mark guitar riff and an a quasi anthemic chorus from a sincere sounding vocalist. The song doesn't seem to be putting on an act; it presents itself without that emperor's new clothes patina. Whether the rest of their album is more of the same remains to be heard...

Love, D

* Contributor Jared just informed me that these questions seem rhetorical. They are NOT. They are actual questions and I really want to know the answers! So if you have any ideas and/or information, please reply in the comments field.

songs to seek: mariner's revenge song/the decemberists, gimme tonight/ shannon, let the music play/shannon, pump up the volume/m/a/r/r/s, the modern way/the kaiser chiefs


Blogger liz o. said...

"Pump Up the Volume" is one of my fave dance songs ever. It was innovative upon its first release and has managed to age quite well.
Does anyone else think that "I Predict a Riot" sounds like the Damned c. "New Rose?" I kind of like Kaiser Chiefs, but I haven't been keeping on One Sheets disguised as music journalism of late, so maybe that's why.

3:35 PM, May 10, 2005  
Blogger d said...

man, would I love to hear that at a party sometime soon! I had no idea that there was an a.r. kane connection but I'm not in the know, that why looking up those pestery links/footnotes can be helpful to the lazy...

they DO sound like the damned! the familiarity has been driving me crazy but I couldn't think of who!

yeah, the general written word on kaiser chiefs in the nme & whatnot is second coming of christ! then again they said that about maximo park the week before, & bloc party the week before that, & selfish cunt before that, etc... etc... they kill me, those rags. but I won't lie, it doesn't stop me from reading them.

4:02 PM, May 10, 2005  
Blogger george said...

That MARRS track was/is dope and I always remember it as one of the few songs I would dance to at high school dances along with "Groove is in the Heart". Sorry Mr. DJ, but I ain't gonna dance to "Paradise By the Dashboard Light". Yuck.

10:24 AM, May 12, 2005  
Blogger d said...

yeah, "paradise..." is pretty much suckfest 3000. luckily, I don't think I ever heard that at my school dances - too risque?

I'm telling you jorge, next social gathering m/a/r/r/s is SO being played. dance-off, anyone?

11:41 AM, May 12, 2005  
Blogger Jenny said...

We must have some kind of insane psychic link because Pump Up the Volume all of a sudden popped into my head yesterday at work, and I realized I didn't have the MP3s anymore, let alone haven't listened to the song in a couple of years, so I downloaded it last night. I still listen to cassettes occasionally, and I have this old tape I bought in like 7th grade with about 11 remixes of "Pump of the Volume." It's actually pretty good - let me know if you'd like to borrow it. P.S. Agreed, "put the needle on the record when the durm beat goes like this" is definitely the illest part of the tune. P.P.S. I recommend downloading the Bangrah remix of Ace of Base's "All That She Wants."

11:37 PM, May 12, 2005  
Blogger Jenny said...

Also, I'm glad you dig The Chauffeur. It's a great tune (and a fantastic music video to boot, an exercise in S&M, unmotivated nudity, and beautiful naked lesbians dancing in abandoned garages, it was banned by MTV, a surprise). I could never really get into The Deftones, but they do an interesting cover of The Chauffeur that's worth a listen.

11:40 PM, May 12, 2005  
Blogger d said...

the deftones, while falling into the unfortunate category of "dudes with spiky black hair in long shorts jumping & screaming" are not bad. they do a cover of sade's no ordinary love which works surprisingly well as screamo ballad.

10:02 AM, May 13, 2005  
Anonymous Tina said...

I think Phil can tell you what happened to Michelle Shocked. I think when MiG played that awful show at that college for young kiddies (where was that?!?), she was playing at the one club in town. I think she's playing christian music? Maybe? Phil, help!

12:27 PM, May 13, 2005  
Blogger d said...

simon's rock. remember the flatulence?

2:25 PM, May 13, 2005  

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