Side Effects with Saxomaphone

Have you heard the new El Jezel CD "The Warm Frequency"?
Have you downloaded "the champagne & cold coffee EP" free from their website which D posted about in May?

If you've seen El Jezel live, you've probably heard the song "Side effects"
which is my favorite of the 4 song EP. They rock the f*** out when they play this "scorching ode to paranoia" live, and on the studio version they get a bit more experimental, with guest saxophonist Felipe from the band Cholo.
I love it.

This song reminds me a bit of the "Buena" cover they often pull out live to let George unleash the furious side of his vocals (how about a studio version of that one, guys?), but it's still a sound all their own.

These kids have been at it for a few years playing their songs to fellow New York indie-rockers, and fine-tuning their sound, and they only seem to be picking up more steam as time goes by. I hope the steady stream of good tunes never runs out for them.

Download "Side Effects" by El Jezel

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