you know you got to help me out

dear friends,

1. it seems that my attempts to see black mountain may be cursed. their first bowery show was cancelled & I couldn't get a refund 'cause they weren't the openers. then I purchased two tickets for their show on 9/28, one for myself & one for one of the many with a libran birthdate. alas, that person has a late class & my one reliable date, the monkey, has rehearsal. & now some other friends have a show at sin-e that same night. what to do? what to do? if any of you have an interest in seeing a hypnotizing stoner rockin' (in sound only), big riffed, sprawling canadian collective on wednesday at the bowery ballroom, please contact me. I'm sure it will be wunderbar.

to familiarize yourself with black mountain, go check out the songs listed below...

2. yes. this lead singer is a total tool. so tool-like that he can be part of the home improvement barbie kit. a tiny pink tape measurer perhaps. in interviews he claims that people who blast his band for lack of substance are soul-less nyc hipsters. soul or no soul, considering I'm currently sporting a bright red t-shirt that says "ferrari" & black sweat pants, one of those half-assed crooked pony tails, no make-up, AT WORK, it's safe to say I don't belong in the hipster category. no tailored velvet blazer for me.

nevertheless, the killers (for yes, I mean them!) have two things that I can't deny: a pretty good morrissey cover* & a ridiculously catchy single I caught on tv last night. I don't know what it's called** but as I watched the video with a mixture of contempt & a growing annoyance with myself for wanting to stay on the channel so I could hear the rest. unfortunately, I remoted away. that's how much I don't like to look at that singer's visage. I think it's 'cause the man has one of those permanently imperious expressions when his face is in repose*** that it seems like all his sub-morrissean pronouncements in interviews should be followed with a "he sniffed". as in, "just because we don't have museums in vegas, east coast snobs write us off! they're just jealous because we're pretty.*+," he sniffs & plays with the straw in his shirley temple.

it's tough people. the fact is I like that song. it's a breezy little pop number & it has a strangely familiar, reassuring quality*++. & while I don't want to look at the songwriter's pouting mug EVER, I will find a way to acquire that ditty & I shall listen to it. because that's what I do. I listen to music I enjoy. & if you don't like it, you're just jealous 'cause I'm pretty. or something. doesn't work, does it?

ah well, anyone up for karaoke on saturday?

love, d

songs to seek: don't run our hearts around/black mountain, modern music/black mountain, heart of snow/black mountain, **all these things that I've done/the killers

* why don't you find out for yourself, one of moz's record industry as hell cautionary tales.

*** my natural facial expression, I've been told, is a sad frown. as you can imagine, this makes me extremely popular.

*+ this is not a real quote, I'm just paraphrasing. settle down killers fans & lawyers!

*++ the bridge sounds weirdly like the refrain from gang of four's I love a man in a uniform. but on prozac in that it's still petulant but unable to cry or cum about it?


Blogger Phil said...

Actually, I'm a scorpio. But thanks for thinking of me.

2:00 PM, September 25, 2005  

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