Here to help.

OK, I finally figured out how to post this.

So: I really liked the button that Contributor Whom I Don't Know posted, but I noticed some people expressing doubts as to how to post it to their page. So I uploaded it to my webspace (because direct linking is not always polite, so it's best to be safe) and inserted it into my blog template thusly:

<a href="http://softcommunication.blogspot.com"target=new>
<img src="http://tavie.com/softcomm.gif">

So go ahead and show the love by pasting that into your web page or blog template somewhere.


Blogger d said...

rui is the contributor who came up with the snazzy tag. & yes, I had no idea how to use it so thanks for the help t!

12:36 PM, June 25, 2005  

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