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How many posts have I written for this site? Three? Four? I don't know, but what I just can't believe is that I allowed myself to write about a single piece of music before I told everybody I know about Luke Temple. It's a goddam crime is what it is. If you can bear the sound of gushing sap, read ahead:

About two years ago, I go out on a date (oh, so it's that kind of story?) with this scenester/band manager/general girl-about-town who I had met online (oh, so it's THAT kind of story too?). Long story short, our first date was also our last and I never talked to her again, which is okay since then I met this other chick who is pretty cool. But at a couple points while we were out she mentioned this singer/songwriter, Luke Temple, who I really should check out. And she played me this one song of his - I don't remember which.

For a couple months, I looked for a Luke Temple CD at various music stores, but with no luck. Then I happen to see that he's opening for somebody at the Mercury Lounge, so me and my now girlfriend go and check him out. And...well, I just don't know if I've ever heard a sweeter set of songs in my entire life. I really felt like I recognized every song he played. Maybe it was because they had been playing for years on a little record player inside my soul. And NOBODY's at the show. For months it goes on like this - we go see him play at the Mercury, at the Living Room, wherever, and he's playing to ten people.

And then he moved to Seattle. And my heart cracked a little, right down the middle.

So last week he was back in town, touring on the LP he just released, and we go to see him at the Mercury. It's a full house and there are girls who spend his entire set text messaging their friends! Gragghkkg....sigh...I'm okay.

So now he's playing with a band (SIX other people), but somehow his set seemed just as intimate as when it was him all by himself, playing to ten people. It's amazing. Tina, back me up here - I'm getting all choked up.

There are two songs available for download on the site linked above. Other than that, I recommend "B Bird", "In The End", and "Old New York".


Anonymous tina said...

I always miss the good things. Luke Temple is a beautiful man with a lovely voice and excellent guitar work. Despite the fact that he was on the last leg of his TOUR, no one was manning the merch table and when I asked him about buying a CD, he happily got of the stage and shoved his way to the front of the Merc to give me one. What a sweetheart.

3:51 PM, April 20, 2005  

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