But you're too young...TOO YOUNG

Tina (who also embroiders a mean gnome) used to have this effects pedal for vocals. It has since died or moved to Taiwan, but while it was in operation, she let me use it for two seconds. I used that time to re-enact my favorite part of New Order's Fine Time when Bernard does a spoken interlude in this electronically altered basso profundo. He says, "You know I've met a lot of cool chicks...but you got...STYLE and you've got...CLASS but most of all (PAUSE) you've got LOOOOOVE technique."

Find the song and lip synch to it in front of the mirror, you'll either say "what is this crap?" then laugh or feel oddly at peace with the world.

New Order was my first ever rock concert (Jones Beach with the Sugarcubes and Public Image LTD! like OMG!) and it was funfreakin'tastic. And guess what? New Order is playing Hammerstein Ballroom on May 5 and tickets go on sale tomorrow at 11. Whoever is interested in getting their Blue Monday on, let me know...

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Blogger d said...

d'oh! sold out! maybe they'll add another show...

11:27 AM, April 01, 2005  
Blogger Lexie said...

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Take care.


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