the mystery of jacob e.

I was checking out The Fire Theft website a couple years ago when they first became a band (they are formerly known as Sunny Day Real Estate, sans Daniel J. Hoerner, who decided to become a farmer and raise a family instead of play hypnotic guitar), perusing the message boards, when someone replied to one of my posts about Jeremy and gang. His name was jacob e. from canada, and we became good e-friends, sharing favorite bands through messages and making mixes for each other through the mail. He introduced me to so many great bands, including Karate, Mission Of Burma, and Slint. Then he disappeared. I was actually worried about him, thinking something horrible must have happened for him to have just dropped off the planet like he did and never contact me again. It may have been something as simple as him changing his email address, or becoming too busy with school, or his girlfriend becoming jealous of our platonic friendship...whatever it was, I'm baffled to this day. He was in a band whose name I now cannot recall....their website has since disappeared just like jacob.
At least I have the bands he left behind for me to absorb and love. Which leaves me to my next posting.....


Blogger bryan said...

way to leave us hanging! come on, let's hear about the bands!

10:12 AM, March 21, 2005  
Blogger JLM said...


11:32 AM, March 21, 2005  
Blogger d said...

jess jezel's soft communication makes readers drool. nice.

1:30 PM, March 21, 2005  
Blogger jess said...

Hold your horses, kiddos. My beddie-by time is coming near and I don't have the leisure of computer access at my humble job. As I tell the youngsters, patience! (Follow me around for a day and by the numerous times I say it, you'd think it was my favorite word. Hmm...maybe it is.)

9:42 PM, March 22, 2005  

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