Neon Lights at Union Hall, Friday July 6th - Mancino!

Dear friends,

More words from Jeff K (who is kind of an honorary contributor by means of cutting and pasting, ghetto enough for you?) about Friday night's second band, Mancino:

"The third Friday night 'Lights band to fall under this site's spotlight is Brooklyn's own Mancino. The Man' clan specialize in keyboard lead, turn on a dime, herky jerky whirlwinds with a side order of sweet 60's songcraft. Their recently uncaged debut, Manners Matters, is filled to the brim with that sort of thing. You can buy it here.


Mancino - "L'Amour (or Less) (from Merry Swankster)

Nothing like proud recorder notes to start a nervous pop song, especially when paired with the fluctuating sci-fi sounds from some sort of oscillator contraption. From there, it's all lovable synth geekery, an undying backbeat, and insidiously catchy murmurs of "yeahyeahyeahyeahyeahyeahyeahyeah." It may be even better when it switches to waltz pace on the chorus though. It's almost smooth then, like when Steve Urkel built the machine to transmogrify himself into Stephan Ur-KEL. Of like the Jerry Lewis movie they ripped that off from. Not like the tubby Eddie Murphy remake though. These guys sound svelte.

Some long standing cultural institutions have weighed in on Mancino's behalf;

Spin Magazine (Artist of the Day)


As well as some of these fly by night "weblog" things you've heard so much about;

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To buy tickets right now for Friday's show, also featuring El Jezel, Thrushes, and De Novo Dahl go here. To attempt to sneak in for free, check the rules of our giveaway here."

Contest? Yes. Contest. Go for it!

Love, D

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