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I had a chance to see a full screening (all 4 hours) of the Martin Scorcese Doc "No Direction Home" which covers Bob Dylan's career from its beginnings in Hibbing, Minessota to 1966.

I just have to tell you that this is a PHENOMENAL document of perhaps the most influential and important songwriter ever. The interviews with Dylan now are lucid and direct, unlike his famous cryptic interplay with dumb reporters in the 60's (which this film has a lot of footage of also and is funny as hell). This probably has to do with Dylan's respect for Scorcese, who deserves his own documentary sometime soon (I think Dylan should film it)

The footage of him playing with the Band is especially unFUCKINGbelievably earthshattering! And the interviews with friends and fellow musicians is extremely well done.

This film even surpasses "Don't Look Back", the most famous Dylan documentary made by D.A. Pennebaker, with it's resonance and footage.

This is perhaps the most important musical film ever made.

It airs on PBS next Monday and Tuesday. The DVD (which has a lot of extras) comes out tomorrow. Whatever you do, DO NOT MISS this film

pete galub


Blogger d said...

I can't wait to see that. I need to buy a connecting cable or something so I can tape it!

2:25 PM, September 19, 2005  
Blogger Tavie said...

Must...set... Tivo...

10:06 PM, September 19, 2005  

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